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FICTION: We want good speculative fiction. If your story doesn't have a clear fantasy or science fiction element, or at least strong speculative-fiction sensibilities, it's probably not for us. We'd like to help make the field of speculative fiction more inclusive, more welcoming to both authors and readers from traditionally underrepresented groups, so we're interested in seeing stories from diverse perspectives and backgrounds. We want stories that have some literary depth but aren't boring; styles that are unusual yet readable; structures that balance inventiveness with traditional narrative. We like characters we can care about. We like settings and cultures that we don't see all the time in speculative fiction.
NON-FICTION: Our goal is to publish a regular rotation of non-fiction articles, including: interviews with authors of speculative fiction; articles on aspects of science (such as astronomy, ballistics, artificial intelligence) or technology (historical or futuristic) that would be of interest to readers and writers of speculative fiction; criticism of books, movies, games and any other media relating to speculative fiction; and articles on history and culture that relate to speculative fiction. Strange Horizons publishes in-depth reviews of speculative art and entertainment, especially books, films, and television, three times a week. Reviews normally cover new works, although we do occasional features on older works, and will not reject a review because its subject has been available for a while. We're especially interested in reviews of worthy material that might not otherwise get the exposure it deserves; similarly we are interested in reviews of works that push traditional genre boundaries.
POETRY: We're looking for high-quality, extraordinary SF, fantasy, horror, and "slipstream" poetry. We're looking for modern, exciting poems that explore both the possible and the impossible: stories about human and nonhuman experiences, about dreams and reality, about the past and the future, about the here-and-now and otherwhere-and-elsewhen. We want poems from imaginative and unconventional writers; we want voices from diverse perspectives and backgrounds. We will consider all forms, although poems that follow a standard rhyme scheme will be a hard sell. Many wonderful rhyming poems have been written, but the editors have seen too much doggerel verse, and this has admittedly soured us toward rhymes. We want poems that have some literary depth but aren't boring; poems that are unusual yet readable; poems that balance inventiveness with traditional structures. We like serious works, as well as poems with wit and humor that don't collapse into pure silliness.

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Market Genres
Science Fiction

Market Types, Lengths & Pay Scale
0 to 1000 words
10 cents/word

Short Story
1000 to 7500 words
10 cents/word

7500 to 10000 words
10 cents/word

Market Submission Types
Electronic Submissions?: Yes
Postal Submissions?: No
Multiple Submissions?: No
Simultaneous Submissions?: No
Reprints/Originals?: Originals Only
Translations: Original Language and Translations
Estimated Response: 40 days

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Listing added: 14 December 2012

Last officially checked: 31 May 2022

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