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Substantially Unlimited

Limited Demographic: anyone who considers themselves disabled, or substantially limited, socially, emotionally, cognitively, or mentally

Substantially Unlimited hopes to highlight the various ways in which people with social, emotional, cognitive, and mental disabilities, or substantial limitations, are essential as artists and as human beings. People with less visible disabilities are often overlooked in conversations and communities centered around disability, and this project hopes to highlight people whose disabilities are less visible or identifiable.


The definition of disability according to the ADA includes the phrase “substantially limited.” Our name is a play on this, intended to acknowledge that while disabled people may be limited in our abilities to behave, feel, or produce like abled people, our importance and artistry are limitless. (It is not intended to deny or make light of the limitations that disability implies.)


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0 to 1000 words

Short Story
1000 to 3750 words

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Electronic Submissions?: Yes
Postal Submissions?: No
Multiple Submissions?: Yes
Simultaneous Submissions?: Yes
Reprints/Originals?: Both
Translations: Original Language Only
Estimated Response: 7 days

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