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The Maul

Note: the non-paying status of this listing is not a mistake. It is our policy to mark a listing based on the lowest pay rate a publication offers in exchange for publishing work. In this case not paying the under-18 demographic results in a non-paying listing.

This is a magazine developed for people who are looking for horror, but either aren’t quite sure where to start, or haven’t found the right author. So let’s talk about how to write horror and other speculative fiction for younger readers and also writing it for those looking for something different:

It has been said that if something looks like a swamp monster, walks like a swamp monster, and sounds like a swamp monster, it is indeed a swamp monster. And good writing can be a lot like a swamp monster. You know it when you see it, and it is often just misunderstood.

Here at the Maul, even though our target audience skews younger, we’re really just looking for great writing. Our focus is on horror but we’ll take other genres. I n fact, the editors prefer stories that are a mix of genres. You’re more likely to be published if you give us fantasy or sci-fi mixed with horror. We’ll also take literary work, though please realize that, given our clientele and organizational goals, it can be a hard sell.

We enjoy pulp fiction. That means we look for stories that pop. Exaggeration, melodrama, impossibly imaginative settings, and vivid imagery are encouraged. Bring us something that really jumps off the page. Be as over-the-top as you like. If you’re a more subtle writer, submit anyway. Sometimes one good twist or some relatable descriptions will still catch people’s eye, even the uninitiated.

Which brings us to the main guideline – your job is to initiate the uninitiated. Which doesn’t mean you tone things down. It means you imagine the kind of story you would have wanted to read the first time you picked up a horror book (or serial). When you write for us, try to initiate the reader into a world you’ve known for years and would like others to step into it with you. Ask yourself, What do they need to know? What tropes will they instantly become aware of? What are the best things this genre has to offer? Why should they keep reading? This goes for all genres. Submit any work you feel meets this criteria.

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Science Fiction

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100 to 1000 words

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1000 to 3000 words

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Listing added: 21 June 2022

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