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A Day in the Life of Penfold Towers
CAAB Publishing (C.A.A.B. Publishing)

Note: this is a shared-world anthology

CAAB Publishing are going global - This anthology is open to submissions from anyone, anywhere

This anthology has no genre, no strict rules regarding who or what you write about, except the following: The main character must live in the fictional Penfold Towers (a high-rise) in London. (do not name the door number, floor, or street, just the tower) and the story must happen in one day.

That day being Sunday May 13th 2018. The weather that day was sunny but a little cloudy, if that helps with the writing. Anything can happen, falling in love, murder, hauntings or just general stories away from the tower itself, however, the tower cannot be destroyed nor can things happen to it that the other residents could not help but notice. Each story must be about your character alone, if they meet other residents we may ask you to use names or descriptions from another authors submissions, if they are happy with that cross-over.

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