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Black Fox Prize: Fairy Tale Remix - Fiction (Go to Poetry)
Black Fox Literary Magazine

What if the big bad wolf was a person who had a past? Or what if Snow White wasn’t so perfect on paper?

We’re looking for original work that reimagines fairy tales from around the world! We challenge writers to reshape classic fairy tales and invent their own spellbinding versions. Give us a twist to a familiar plot, introduce modern elements, or explore unconventional characters. This theme is a chance to remix fairy tales in your own distinctive way. Enchant the hearts of our readers!

This market is temporarily closed.

This market charges a fee of $12.00 to submit.

Market Genres

Market Types, Lengths & Pay Scale
0 to 1000 words
30 cents/word

Short Story
1000 to 2000 words
15 cents/word

Short Story
2000 to 3000 words
10 cents/word

Short Story
3000 to 4000 words
7 cents/word

Short Story
4000 to 5000 words
6 cents/word

Market Submission Types
AI Submissions?: Unknown Policy
Electronic Submissions?: Yes
Postal Submissions?: No
Multiple Submissions?: Yes
Simultaneous Submissions?: No
Translations: Original Language Only

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Listing added: 19 March 2024

Last officially checked: 19 March 2024

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