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Judy - Fiction (Poetry)

Note: postal submissions are welcome from anyone who is unable to send work through the online process.
Note: submissions are always open to incarcerated writers.

We want

to publish recipes taken from yellowed cards that you found stashed in the back of the pantry, stained by time—recipes that smell like home and make you burn for the days when everything was still possible. We want stories infused with the stinging of nostalgia, about childhood, loss, and anything that excavates the profound strangeness of being that exists inside the seemingly banal moments of everyday life. We will publish old family photos of 90s fashion, 60s cars, 80s hairstyles, anything that makes us feel something about a moment in our lives. Tell us about how you saw the world when your lips were painted red with juice from a box and your neighborhood seemed like a city that you were ready to take on with whatever was in your Jansport backpack. Write about Lunchables, Chia Pet commercials, gym class, the pet hamsters in your third grade classroom, or the floral wallpaper and plastic covered furniture at your grandma’s house. Remind us of the things that once seemed big and important, but have since receded into the foggy recesses of our memory…

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Listing added: 22 March 2024

Last officially checked: 22 March 2024

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