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Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show

We are looking for science fiction and fantasy stories of up to 17,500 words. Please?query?the editor for longer works.

"Science fiction" includes hard science fiction, science fiction adventure, alternate history, near-future, far-future, psi, alien, and any other kind of science fiction you can think of.

"Fantasy" includes heroic fantasy (based on any culture's mythology), fairy tales, contemporary fantasy, and "horror" in the sense of supernatural suspense (not gory blood-fests, thanks).

Within these genres, we like to see well-developed milieus and believable, engaging characters. We also look for clear, unaffected writing. Asimov, Niven, Tolkien, Yolen, and Hobb are more likely to be our literary exemplars than James Joyce.

We pay 6 cents a word.
Please note: IGMS does not publish explicit sex or violence. We are a little quirky about language as well: obscenity is fine in moderation, but profanity is not. (In short: We will not publish the f-word, and if your story invokes divinity, we ask that it?actually?be invoking divinity...)

In the past, we've used the PG-13 standard as a model for content restriction, and it is still a useful comparison. Our aim is to have stories that people of all walks of life and ranges of experience can enjoy (and maybe even feel a little uncomfortable about enjoying) and that they can discuss. This means promoting stories that can be argued about at the coffee shop AND at the dinner table.

DO NOT SUBMIT! This market is permanently closed.

Market Genres, Styles & Subjects
Science Fiction

Market Types, Lengths & Pay Scale
0 to 1000 words
6 cents/word

Short Story
1000 to 7500 words
6 cents/word

7500 to 17500 words
6 cents/word

Market Submission Types
Electronic Submissions?: Yes
Postal Submissions?: No
Reprints?: No
Multiple Submissions?: No
Simultaneous Submissions?: No

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