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We publish art, gathered pell-mell and assembled with assiduous aplomb. We publish text, images, video, audio, and we combine the work of different artists into single conglomerations. What is a conglomeration? It is a fusing of the disparate.

Send us your poem of Augustus gagging on a carrot. Send us your story of a couch that swallows a horny couple as they Netflix and chill. Send us your drawings of an owl pecking out the eyes of a scarecrow. Send us your watercolors of somebody’s aunt’s weathered backside as she picks raspberries from the prickly bushes in her backyard. Send us your filmed puppetry or your stop-motion tale of love between paper clips. Send us your tunes played on a bucket with a spoon, or your twin harmony breathing noises. Send us something that impregnates our brainnoodles.

Then, watch as your story of a contorting ventriloquist who faces his own ass as it talks to his face appears alongside a second artist’s cut-up collages of a lion in pirate boots Heimlich-maneuvering a nudist in a tutu choking on a pretzel all to the beat of a third artist’s recording of herself bashing a cookie jar with a two-by-four.

So, to reiterate, know this: thy poem shan’t stand alone, nor shall thy short story hog the page. When you submit your work to The Conglomerate, it will become part of a whole, a piece in a puzzle, a sneeze among the sniffling. Submit and join the ostensibly disparate.

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