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CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW is published twice per year, under the auspices of the Department of English at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and with partial funding from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency. We consider submissions for our Winter/Spring issue (always a general issue) from February 15 through April 30. From August 27 through November 3, we only consider submissions for our Summer/Fall special issue (check our Call for Submissions Page for information on the upcoming special issue). Both deadlines are postmark deadlines. It is never necessary to Express Mail, Fedex, or UPS any submission to CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW.

Please submit only one piece at a time during each submission period and submit work that is appropriate for the issue we are reading for at the time. If your submission is not held by one of three editors for a later round of consideration, it will be returned to you as soon as possible. After you receive your response from us, you are welcome to submit again for that issue or to wait for the next submission period. Authors may expect a response within five months, with one to three months being the usual turnaround. If we have your work longer than five months, it has made the final round of work being considered for publication in the next issue.

After August 27, if you send work during the Fall that is not appropriate for the upcoming special issue in 2012 (for submission)/2013 (for publication)—our special issue will be on the topic "PRAIRIES, PLAINS, MOUNTAINS, DESERTS,")—we will return it to you as soon as our editor, Allison Joseph, has logged the work in. She will let you know about the special issue we are reading for at the time and remind you of the reading period in the Spring for our general issue. We do not backlog accepted work as a policy at CRAB ORCHARD REVIEW.

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