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DRAGONS! The dragon does not have to be the protagonist, but the dragon must feature prominently in the story, as an active, participating character. I want to understand the dragon’s perspective – what the dragon thinks, feels, why it does what it does. I know that in some mythologies, dragons can take human form – I don’t really want more than a couple of those (and I already have one). I’d like to see dragons who spend most (or all) of the story in their dragon forms, thinking dragon thoughts, with behavior that is true to whatever dragon culture you’ve created. I’m also very interested in dragon diversity – I want to see dragons from all around the world, different time periods, maybe even a sea dragon or space dragon, if you’re up to the challenge. I want you to make it hard for me to choose the stories to include in the collection.

This is a YA Anthology, so I’m also looking for YA CHARACTERS. That means:

If your main character is human, they should be between 15-25 years old, and dealing with issues relevant to that age group in addition to whatever situation comes from having a dragon involved.
If your main character is a dragon, they should be the dragon equivalent of a 15-25 year old human, and dealing with issues relevant to dragons of that age in addition to whatever situation comes from having humans involved (if there are humans involved).
For both human and dragon characters, I’m looking for a YA sensibility and an underlying feeling of wonder… I want to see stories that show teens (human or dragon) overcoming adversity, evil, or ignorance and having a positive effect on their situation. I want stories that are uplifting in the end, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a “happily ever after” ending – please don’t go sappy sweet unless the story really calls for it (those will be a hard sell for me). I want the sense that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and to have the feeling that the teens in your stories can, through their own efforts, overcome the challenges you’ve thrown at them.

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Young Adult

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Short Story
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