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This is our favorite time of the year, when the days get shorter, the nights get longer, and the veil that keeps us from our nightmares gets so thin we can see their twisted faces and smell their rancid breath on the backs of our necks.

Monsters come in many forms. They hold seats of power, they lurk in ancient lakes, they sit in electric chairs, they hide behind a facade of goodwill. Monsters lurk within, in our minds, in our folklore, in our legends, and of course, in real life. Monsters, whatever form they take, are real in the moment of fear.

We want to hear your horror stories, be they real or the product of your own twisted minds. For the whole month of October we will be focusing on the darkness of the season. We are into fiction, poetry, nonfiction, top ten movie/book/videogame/tv show/albums/songs/poems/writers/fall fashion accessories lists (we rly love lists!), ghost stories, witchy lore, folklore, and history. Magical spells and incantations. Interviews with your favorite writers or witches. Anything you can imagine. Let us gather around the virtual campfire and share our stories.

Maybe there is a spooky story you particularly love. Tell us about it, tell us why it resonates so much with you. Maybe a story or movie has a really cool origin story you find fascinating. Tell us the stories behind the stories (a personal favorite is the story behind Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein). If you travel somewhere historic, we want to hear about it and see the awesome pictures you took!

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