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Clockwise Cat prefers to publish poetry that is in some way akin to the Symbolist, Dadaist, Surrealist, Beat, spoken word, experimental, avant-garde genres. In other words, we will regard all well-crafted submissions that somehow flout conventions. We like imagery-intense writing that features wild and wacky wordplay, jolting juxtapositions, crafty cadences, dense layers of savory symbolism, stream-of-consciousness spewings, audacious allegory, mad hatter rantings … verse that lunges off the page and throttles the throat of everything samey and mundane. Verse that zooms and zazzles, sizzles and zizzles. Verse that is vivid, vivacious, and vicious (like Sid ) … verse that subverts the drab universe into a funky omniverse …

In other words, if your poem is in any way “academic” in style, it better damn well be imaginatively academic – and of course, that’s a rather oxymoronic qualification. But, of course, anything is possible, so don’t be shy if you think your piece fits the style and purview of the magazine. Indeed, we have published many academics whose pieces may have veered toward traditional language at times – but there was always SOMETHING, however nuanced, in those pieces that spoke sassily to the tyrannical authoritarians of linguistic convention, so just be aware of this.

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