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Release Notes

So you fine folks can know what is going on.

Version: Beta v2.0.5
Release Date: 6.23.2016
  • Changing Pay Scale "categories" into numerical values!

Version: Beta v2.0.4
Release Date: 6/11.2016
  • Fixed a bug where the Dashboard page wouldn't load for new user with no logged submissions
  • Added a bunch of new questions and answers to the FAQ page.

Version: Beta v2.0.3
Release Date: 6.9.2016
  • New Submissions filter for Accepted But Not Published
  • New Submissions filter for Accepted, Published, But Not Paid

Version: Beta v2.0.2
Release Date: 6.5.2016
  • New Exclude Pieces option for Exclude Pending
  • New Exclude Pieces option for Exclude To-Be-Published
  • New Exclude Pieces option for Exclude In Exclusivity
  • New shortcut links to make it easy to find pieces available to submit

Version: Beta v2.0.1
Release Date: 5.27.2016
  • Personal median calculation on Market page corrected
  • Beta Site converted into development sandbox
  • "More" menu added to combine one-click menu items
  • "Release Notes" added again

Version: Beta v2.0.0
Release Date: 5.25.2016
New Site!
  • Submission Timeline Graph
  • Recent Activity, more compact format
  • "Remember These Settings" for Advanced Search
  • Zoomable Graphs
  • Average Response Days in search results
  • Sortable result columns
  • Delete Piece option
  • Alphabetical Market Listings
  • Exclude Retired Option
  • Grinder Favicon

Version: Beta v1.0.0
Release Date: 4.23.2014
New Site: BETA!
  • Initial Beta Offering.

Version: v0.7.1
Release Date: 4.13.2013
Stat Calculation Tweak
  • Changed how stats are calculated nightly.

Version: v0.7.0
Release Date: 12.23.2013
Market Display Tweaks
  • A few small changes to the graphs and other market display items.

Version: v0.6.9
Release Date: 12.15.2013
Miscellaneous Fixes and Tweaks
  • Lots of little tweaks.

Version: v0.6.8
Release Date: 12.10.2013
Response Recency Chart
  • A new chart has been added to the Market page! The Response Recency Chart shows the response trends over the past year.
  • Updated the FAQ.

Version: v0.6.7
Release Date: 11.17.2013
New Market Response List
  • A new tab has been added containing the recent market responses from markets where you have unresolved submissions.
  • Various tweaks and updates.

Version: v0.6.6
Release Date: 11.12.2013
Schedule Processing Updated
  • Changed when and how schedule updates are happening.
  • More updates coming soon!

Version: v0.6.5
Release Date: 9.3.2013
Admin Updates
  • Tweaked some admin features.

Version: v0.6.4
Release Date: 7.20.2013
Login Changes
  • Logging in to multiple locations should no longer kick you off of other locations. Login sessions still expire after seven days with no activity.

Version: v0.6.3
Release Date: 6.14.2013
Admin Enhancements
  • Added a new tool to make David's life easier.

Version: v0.6.2
Release Date: 6.2.2013
Slight Enhancement
  • Added Median statistics to the header for "Your Submissions" section of market screen.

Version: v0.6.1
Release Date: 5.20.2013
Some minor tweaks.
  • The "Your Submissions" section at the bottom of the market screen is now sorted by DateSent descending.
  • Added Min/Max/Avg statistics to the header for "Your Submissions" section of market screen. These are based on all time submissions for the logged-in user to that specific market.

Version: v0.6.0
Release Date: 4.18.2013
Tweaks and Fixes for Administration
  • Fixed bug where autopopulating market lengths would accept invalid value for Payscale.
  • Enahnced Autopopulate feature for market lengths

Version: v0.5.9
Release Date: 4.15.2013
Forgotten Password Retrieval
  • You may now recover your password in the event of amnesia, via the Login screen.

Version: v0.5.8
Release Date: 4.10.2013
New Stuff
  • The Exclusions section of the Market Search screen is now sticky if you have cookies enabled (except the story dropdown).
  • When saving a rejection of any kind you will now see a link to "Find a new home" which will take you to the search page.

Version: v0.5.7
Release Date: 4.3.2013
Bug Fixes
  • Took care of a couple more bugs in the market administration area.

Version: v0.5.6
Release Date: 4.2.2013
Bug Fix
  • The Retired flag in piece screen will now hide the piece from the piece list on the submission and market search screens.

Version: v0.5.5a
Release Date: 4.1.2013
Bug Fix
  • Squashed a couple bugs in the market scheduling part of the system.

Version: v0.5.5
Release Date: 4.1.2013
  • New Search Feature! You may now search by Market Qualification (Award Winning, SFWA recognized, etc).
  • Fixed a couple typo's and horribly offensive verbage on the donate page.
  • Fixed condition where submission dates before 1753 (You ain't no Ben Franklin!) could be entered, creating a database error.

Version: v0.5.4
Release Date: 3.29.2013
New donation options & minor tweas
  • Many of you have asked so we now support recurring donations. Click the donate button on the home page for more information.
  • Fixed a couple miscellaneous bugs.

Version: v0.5.3
Release Date: 3.26.2013
Market Schedules
  • We can now enter market schedules that will be displayed on the Market screen and will automagically update the market listing as the market schedule dictates.
    This is a very handy feature that will allow us to enter anthology and contest markets before they open and schedule their opening. If you favorite/follow these markets you'll see a market alert when they open.

    Please be patient while this data is populated.

    This is a large update and touches a lot of areas of the system. While every effort has been made to ensure a smooth implementation, if you see anything strange, please use the contact us menu to let us know.

Version: v0.5.2
Release Date: 3.19.2013
Another minor update
  • A tickbox labeled "Exclude Acceptances?" has been added to the Manage Pieces screen. Checking this will exclude any story that has a submission logged with a status of accepted. This setting is saved in a cookie.

Version: v0.5.1
Release Date: 3.15.2013
Small Update (Market Schedules coming soon!)
  • The Submission Method is no longer required for adding or updating submissions.

Version: v0.5.0
Release Date: 3.7.2013
  • The confirmation message for submissions will now provide a day count and status.

Version: v0.4.9
Release Date: 3.4.2013
Fixes and Tweaks
  • Fixed market statstics bug that included lost/returned and never responded submissions in the min/max numbers. This also fixed a graph display bug.
  • Date Received is no longer required for Lost/Returned and Never Responded submission statuses.
  • Minor readability tweaks to the market histogram.

Version: v0.4.8
Release Date: 3.1.2013
  • Period of Exclusivity is now measured in days rather than a simple expiration date.

Version: v0.4.7
Release Date: 2.27.2013
Administration Update
  • Added a feature to save time in updating markets with no defined length guidelines.

Version: v0.4.6
Release Date: 2.23.2013
Earnings statistics and minor fixes
  • Users can now see statistics based on post acceptance data.
  • Added new submission fields to export results.
  • Fixed display bug in Market Administration.

Version: v0.4.5
Release Date: 2.22.2013
Submission Tracking Enhancements
  • Users can now supply Date of Contract, Date of Payment, Amount Paid, Date of Publication and Date of Exclusivity Expiration. Reporting on these values coming soon.
  • Couple of minor tweaks to verbiage throughout site.

Version: v0.4.4
Release Date: 2.19.2013
Bug Fixes
  • Tweaked Session management to hopefully remove cases where user is repeatedly redirected to home page after their session expires.
  • Fixed nasty bug that pretty much prevented successful entry of submissions by clicking 'Add Submission' on Submission screen.

Version: v0.4.3
Release Date: 2.16.2013
Minor Enhancements/Tweaks
  • Tweaked the Market graphs to be more readable.
  • On the account dashboard, the market name in the Market stats section is now a clickable link.

Version: v0.4.2
Release Date: 2.13.2013
Date Pickers!
  • The Add/Edit Submission screens now use a date picker rather than a textbox.
  • Date Sent will now default to today when adding a new submission.

Version: v0.4.1
Release Date: 2.12.2013
Follow me...
  • Logged in users can now Follow a market from the market listing. When a followed market opens or closes an alert will appear until the user clears their Market alerts.
  • Users can see a list of followed markets on the profile screen.
  • More features related to favorited and followed markets are coming such as an rss feed of recent completed submissions for favorited/followed markets.
  • Logging out will now forward the user the main home page.

Version: v0.4.0
Release Date: 2.11.2013
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Fixed bug with Market statistics. Never Returned percentage wasn't showing properly.
  • Market listing page will now display a list of your submissions to that market at the bottom when the user is logged in.
  • Market listing chart will now display acceptances as a separate series.
  • Market listing chart will now display your pending submission as a dot element.

Version: v0.3.9
Release Date: 2.8.2013
New Search Feature!
  • Added the ability to search for markets by average response time (days).

Version: v0.3.8
Release Date: 2.8.2013
Help Update
  • Added help system to site. Only Market Search screen implemented so far. More to come!

Version: v0.3.7
Release Date: 2.7.2013
  • Enhanced Admin features (Hey! We need some love too!)
  • A list of Favorited and Ignored markets can now be accessed from the Manage Profile screen

Version: v0.3.6
Release Date: 2.6.2013
  • Tweaked the graphs slightly (X-axis is now properly left justified)
  • Drastically revamped the Market suggestion system (No, you can't see it, but I promise its better!)
  • Added "Search by Name" as a dropdown menu item under Search (You can still access the Search by Name feature from the Market Search screen)
  • Added/Moved Contact Us menu dropdown list

Version: v0.3.5
Release Date: 2.5.2013
  • Yay! Pretty menus
  • Users can now access Submission and Piece

Version: v0.3.4
Release Date: 2.3.2013
Le Update
  • Fee based markets can now be excluded from searches (and are excluded by default)

Version: v0.3.3
Release Date: 2.3.2013
Le Update
  • Images for Genre, Length and Pay Scale on the home page and on the market search screen now have a tooltip in most browsers
  • Fixed some typos

Version: v0.3.2
Release Date: 2.3.2013
Feature Update
  • Users can now favorite or ignore a market from the market listing (List of all markets favorited or ignored coming soon)
  • Ignored markets are now excluded from searches by default when a user is logged in
  • Temp closed markets are now excluded from searches by default

Version: v0.3.1
Release Date: 2.2.2013
Bonus Update
  • Users can now search by Anthology and Contest market types (Please be patient while we get the database updated!)

Version: v0.3.0
Release Date: 2.2.2013
Feature Update
  • Added new site stats to home page
  • Added recently added markets tab to home page
  • The Grinder now recognizes Nebula/HUGO nominated and winning markets

Version: v0.2.9
Release Date: 2.1.2013
Feature Update
  • Added Lifetime Stats section to Account Dashboard

Version: v0.2.8
Release Date: 1.31.2013
Workflow Changes
  • Users can now add a piece by clicking 'Add a new piece' on the Add Submission form (user will be forwarded back to the submission form upon saving the piece)
  • When users search for markets and select a piece under the exclusions filter section and ultimately log a submission, the piece will be auto populated
  • When users search for markets by clicking 'Run Search' on the Pieces screen and ultimately log a submission, the Piece will be auto populated
  • Markets listing now includes the percentage of rejections that are listed as personal rejections

Version: v0.2.7
Release Date: 1.29.2013
Quick update

Version: v0.2.6
Release Date: 1.28.2013
Feature update brought to you by Shane Halbach
  • Added Notes icon (with hover!) on submission search screen
  • Submission export now includes notes

Version: v0.2.5
Release Date: 1.28.2013
  • Added temp and perm closed indicators on Search screen

Version: v0.2.4
Release Date: 1.26.2013
  • Improved site feedback with updating and saving submissions/pieces/etc (More workflow improvements to come!)

Version: v0.2.3
Release Date: 1.24.2013
  • By popular demand, we've limited use of Courier New and switched to a non serifed font in most places
  • Added graphical elements to better structure the look and feel
  • Hey look! A logo!

Version: v0.2.2
Release Date: 1.23.2013
Le Fixes
  • Fixed bug with Submissions screen and saving search filter settings
  • Removed several duplicate Markets

Version: v0.2.1
Release Date: 1.22.2013
  • Added Fee Based market designation
  • Added Royalties market designation

Version: v0.2.0
Release Date: 1.18.2013
  • Fixed bug in search screen that severely limited its functionality (YAY!)
  • Submissions can no longer be entered for date more than 2 days in the future
  • Submissions management screen will now color code the status based on its response time and relations to average and estimates

Version: v0.1.9
Release Date: 1.18.2013
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Reworked layout of User Stats section of Account Dashboard
  • Fixed stat calculation bug for calculating the Median Response Days and Median Pending Response Days

Version: v0.1.8
Release Date: 1.17.2013
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Added histogram visualization of market response data to market listing
  • Fixed bug with Submission Type filter on Market Search screen
  • Fixed display bug Market Search screen
  • Added a FAQ

Version: v0.1.7
Release Date: 1.15.2013
More Enhancements
  • Added Submitted column to Story Stats on Account page
  • Added Exclusion filters to Market Search

Version: v0.1.6
Release Date: 1.14.2013
More Enhancements
  • Added Market Attributes for specifying Awards, Recognition by Professional Organizations, etc
  • Added SNQ status for markets who do not publish public submission guidelines. (Note: You can still submit to these markets but they will not include a full listing in our system
  • Minor tweaks to UI throughout

Version: v0.1.5
Release Date: 1.14.2013
More Enhancements
  • Added regular (daily) recalculations of all market stats. Individual markets are still calculated when a submission is saved or altered.

Version: v0.1.4
Release Date: 1.13.2013
More Enhancements
  • Users can now export the resultset from the Submissions screen. Export will be based on filter selections
  • Users will now find some user specific statistics on the Account screen

Version: v0.1.3
Release Date: 1.12.2013
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Added Contact Us page
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Version: v0.1.2
Release Date: 1.12.2013
  • Added Recent history link to Market Listing page
  • Fixed search drop down for Market Search screen
  • Added donation button to home page

Version: v0.1.1
Release Date: 1.11.2013
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Added congrats to home page for acceptanges (only shows for users who have their 'Brag' turned on)
  • Hey look! More stat fixes!

Version: v0.1.0
Release Date: 1.11.2013
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Increased recent activity on home page to 40 items from 20
  • More fixes to statistics in Market listing (We've gotta be getting close, right?)
  • Added 'Unknown' as a payscale type

Version: v0.0.9
Release Date: 1.10.2013
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Removed default Rejection status. All submissions are now either form or personal. Plain rejections are imported as form rejections.
  • Fixed bug in User administration area that prevented clearing imported data for some users.
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

Version: v0.0.8
Release Date: 1.10.2013
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Fixed bug in how statistics are displayed on Market listing

Version: v0.0.8
Release Date: 1.10.2013
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Fixed bug in how statistics are displayed on Market listing
  • Fixed bug in Market Administration area
  • Added delete functionlity to Submission Edit screen
  • Added site statistics to homepage

Version: v0.0.7
Release Date: 1.9.2013
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Added links to Market listing allowing logged in users to start the submission process from there
  • Added Form to Market screen to suggest corrections to markets
  • Corrected errors in how statistics are calculated
  • Added a call to recalculate market statistics on saving of a Submission
  • Added some space between submissions on the submission screen
  • Added some space between pieces on the piece management screen
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

Version: v0.0.6
Release Date: 1.9.2013
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Added User Management to administration area
  • Fixed bug on Submissions screen that would throw an error when sessions expire

Version: v0.0.4
Release Date: 1.8.2013
Bug Fix Patch
  • Fixed some typos (Thanks Krystal and Stewart!)
  • Fixed bug causing error when saving submission search settings
  • Fixed bug in Submission Editor that allowed far flung future dates. (Try saying that five times fast.)

Version: v0.0.3
Release Date: 1.8.2013
Stability Patch
  • Miscellaneous stability fixes
  • Minor enhancement to adminstration area
  • Added this page

Version: v0.0.2
Release Date: 1.7.2013
Stability Patch
  • Increased site stability
  • Added more frindly error page
  • Added graphical warning for market listing when a markt is permanently closed

Version: v0.0.1
Release Date: 1.7.2013
Initial Beta Release: Basic Features
  • Market Listing
  • Market Search By Name
  • Market Search By Market Meta Data
  • Account Registration
  • Submission Management
  • Piece Management

The Submission Grinder is brought to you by Diabolical Plots, the letter Q, and Tory Hoke.