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The market search page is very powerful and fliexible but can be daunting to new users. Here is a quick run down on how things work.

The filters are broken in to two sections, Basics and Exclusions. The Basics section allows you to specify the types of markets you would like to see. These filters are, by definition, exclusive. This means anything you select here will filter out markets that do not meet the criteria you have selected.

Take a look at this example.

Fig 1.

In this example I've selected Fantasy as the genre, specified a word count of 4500, a maximum average return time of 30 days and a minimum pay scale of Semi-Pro.

So our resultset will include only markets that accept Fantasy AND pay Semi-Pro rates AND accept a word count of 4500 words AND has an average response time of 30 days. Markets that don't meet ALL of these criteria will be excluded.

Now take a look at the Exclusions example.

Fig 2.

Ignored, Temp Closed, Perm Closed and Fee Based are all checked by default. This means that any market that meets one of these criteria will be excluded.

Hopefully this example will help new users understand how the Market Search screen works. As always, use the Contact Us menu above if you have any questions.

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