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You can provide a list of up to 10 comma-separated keywords, i.e. "steampunk,pirate,werewolf".
The rest of the search terms will be applied, and if any of the results match the keywords they will be sorted to the top of the list and be marked with a magnifying glass icon: Keyword Match
The keywords will be matched against Name, Description, Limited Demographic, or your Private Note.


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Advanced Search Results Columns

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  1. Piece Priority
    If you are logged in, and you are searching by a piece (specified in the "Exclude markets where this piece has been submitted"), this allows you to update the Piece Priority for this particular piece with the market described in this row.
    Piece Priority can also be set by clicking the "Piece Priority" link on any market page while logged in.
    There are three possible values of Piece Priority:
    Unsuitable: You do not believe this piece is suitable for this market. Searches for this piece will exclude this market, and searches for this market will exclude this piece.
    Neutral: This is the default piece priority, and means that searches for this market or this piece will appear ordinarily and only if they match the search terms.
    Preferred: You believe this piece is particularly suitable for this market. Searches for this piece will always show this market on top even if it doesn't fit the search terms, and searches for this market will always show this piece on top even if it doesn't fit the search terms.
  2. Market Name
    Clicking on the name of the market will open the market's page in a new tab.
  3. Market Open Status (no column name displayed)
    Is the market currently open, temporarily closed, permanently closed, or does not qualify for a listing?
  4. Genres
    What genres does this market take? Such as science fiction, literary, or mystery.
  5. Pay(¢/word)
    Estimation of the payment in cents/word USD based on the least a writer can expect to be paid in exchange for publication.
  6. Avg Response
    Average response time in days for this market, based on users self-entering their submission data from the last year.
  7. Limited Demographic (no column name displayed)
    A value in this column means that this market only takes submissions from certain demographics of writers, which could be based on age, race, nationality, or other factors.
  8. Private Notes (no column name displayed)
    If you are registered for an account, you can leave private notes for yourself on any market page. When you are logged in, you will also see them here.
  9. Ignore (no column name displayed)
    Click the button in this column to Ignore a market, which will exclude it from all future search results.

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