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Bioluminescent: A Lunarpunk Anthology - Fiction (Go to Poetry)
Android Press

Lunarpunk is a relatively new subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that is closely related to and is an offshoot of Solarpunk. Like it’s sibling subgenre, Lunarpunk tells optimistic and hopeful stories about future societies led by genuinely diverse communities and powered by renewable energy, where nature and technology coexist in harmony rather than in conflict. It’s is a subgenre that’s about restoring the web of life that connects us all. It’s about a desire to protect all life, not just human life. It’s about the drive to embrace and empower life, and restore the planet.


Lunarpunk futures aren’t usually “perfect” utopias. Such a thing will never actually exist. But even when lunarpunk communities come close to that ideal, they are still never without conflict and challenges. One thing is certain though, lunarpunk societies are absolutely not dystopias.


If lunarpunk and solarpunk societies haven’t yet reached some sort of utopian ideal, then the communities in these stories have still either solved, or are at least in the process of optimistically working together to solve or adapt to the climate crisis and other global challenges. They are consciously and collectively working to create a better world that is ecologically sustainable and is also free from racism, patriarchy, greed and inequity, war, hunger, etc.


In short, lunarpunk and solarpunk stories always highlight diversity and demonstrate how humanity has overcome or adapted to climate change and other global social problems.

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